Drive thru


vegetables from woolworths

nick nacks in the big bag

ready made chickens

electric windows

air conditioning

power steering

holidays at the coast




am the oppressor


beggars at the gate

donations to charity

the man who is always walking down the side of the road

the poor rummaging through my garbage on a tuesday morning

ecstasy at 60 bucks a pop

dance music

web sites


pirated cds

flash sticks

rising house prices

glass offices

conference calls

lunch meetings

(where the waiter


speaks more languages

than the suits)


i know






am the oppressor


and that you are too


diamond jewellery

lamb on the spit

saturday afternoon sport

rugby, football, cricket

32 channels of olympic coverage

late night movies

early morning movies

sunday afternoon drives

fishing at the lake

or the river




are the oppressors.


no – it doesn’t feel like it


and yes – knowing what to do about it

is difficult


but maybe lets start


like the drunk in the tank

like the monday morning hillbrow crack head

like the father beating his daughter's face


by admitting

we have a problem


politicians in black cars

secretaries in mini skirts

the pr chicks with big, big smiles

the man at the gate

looking in

who knows my name


i am

the oppressor


so I'm sitting in this goddam queue, idling

inside the headless chickens are baking (or frying or boiling, or electrocuting or however they kill them these days)

my spirit is wrestling some kind of awakening

it's Colonel Sanders and me, face to face


yet somehow (and this is perverse)

i'm feeling better

as if this thing, these thoughts

have made it clearer


i pay the check out chick, grab the brown bag

drive straight out

past the kids on glue


because I know

giving to these guys only makes it worse

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